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Linewomen Season 1 Episode 1 | Short Film

Dune 2 | Double Episode Feyd-Rautha Arena Fight Scene

The Final Wish | Studio Ghibli Inspired Solo Film

LAndmARk | The AR Filmgoer's Guide to LA

NSoM |  Editor

Smoke | Short Film

Simone Rocha | Runway Fashion Show

Solitary Echoes - The Ballad of Mr.Brody 
Wes Anderson Inspired Chamber Film


In this staging seminar instructed by Liam Denhamer, students will be tasked with addressing the connection between identity and architecture through a staged performance. Each student will be asked to dissect, discern, and understand a specific artist, musician, or fashion house, documenting their aesthetics, symbolism, mood, materiality, and sequencing. We were asked to construct a short narrative and storyboard for their performances, projecting the mood and emotions found within their chosen artists or brands' work onto the scenographies we are designing.
Our inspiration is Simone Rocha, an Irish fashion designer and we created an unconventional runway/MV fashion show for her brand. 


Concept Design

Kay Wright

Environment Design

Xinyi Li

Technical Artist

Xinyi Li (Udraper, Marvelous Designer, Unreal Engine, Rokoko Motion Capture) + Yu Shi (Marvelous Designer, Unreal Engine, Rokoko Motion Capture)


Xinyi Li

Simone Rocha (2024 Winter) | Runway Fashion Show


While Thom Andersen explores the way LA has been presented in movies with the video essay "Los Angeles Plays Itself" (2003), we celebrate LA’s profound film history in mixed reality. In this video, a promo trailer for LAndmARk, we showcased three movies. Union Station served as the police station in "Blade Runner" (1982); the secret entrance to the fictional Club Silencio in "Mulholland Drive" (2001) is the back of the Palace Theatre. Agnès Varda, the mother of the French New Wave, filmed part of her documentary "Mur Murs" (1981) in front of a whale mural on Beethoven St. Imagine our eyes as shutters—LAndmARk is the cinephile filter that brings every filming location to life. We hope that with LAndmARk, tourists in LA can explore every film, everywhere, all at once.


Instructed by Natasha Sandmeier and Liam Denhamer, collaborated with Alison Xi and Yu Shi, shot with Blackmagic and Green Screen, and made with Unreal Engine 5, Davinci Resolve, Rokoko Motion Capture, Blender, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Figma.


Concept Design

Xinyi Li + Alison Xi + Yu Shi

User Interface

Yu Shi + Xinyi Li

VR & AR 

Alison Xi

I served as the team leader, overseeing Chapter 2 - Mulholland Drive - Silencio Club. Additionally, I took on the roles of Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Color Grader, and Sound Designer.


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LAndmARk (2023 Fall) | The AR Filmgoer's Guide to LA

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


Lumi, the female lead attempts countless times to bring back her family by practicing wishing to stones. She has tried again and again. Each time with a pure heart. After gazing and pondering at the distant ruins, she finally becomes confident and determined enough to go there. She finds the altar with the magic wishing stone and makes the final wish. A familiar voice calling her name is heard. 


Instructed by Liam Denhamer, collaborated with Jonathan Liao and Yu Shi, made with Unreal Engine 5, Rokoko, and Premiere Pro.



Director Research

Jonathan Liao + Xinyi Li + Yu Shi


Digital Environment & Character Revision

Xinyi Li + Jonathan Liao + Yu Shi


Xinyi Li + Yu Shi

Storyboard & Editor & 2D Drawing

Jonathan Liao


Ghibli_Test_1028_038 copy 4.png

The Final Wish (2023 Fall) | Studio Ghibli Inspired Solo Film



The aim of this tech seminar is to produce a chamber film that involves a small number of characters interacting in a limited environment. The story is about Mr.Brody leading a monotonous, solitary life. Set in his small office and apartment, the narrative follows his routine evening. Mr. Brody works late, unnoticed,
and walks through an indifferent neighborhood. His sparse apartment mirrors his life's emptiness. The story highlights his disconnection from the world, contrasting his solitude with the joy of nearby families. A brief moment of companionship with his cat, Jack, brings a rare smile to his face, subtly underlining
the profound loneliness that defines his life.


Instructed by Liam Denhamer, collaborated with Yinghao Zhang, Ziming Yan, and Haorui Zhang, made with UE5, Stable Diffusion, and Premiere




Digital Environment

Xinyi Li + Ziming Yan + Haorui Zhang


Yinghao Zhang

Screenplay &Editor 

Xinyi Li


Movie Poster Template UPDATED.jpg

Solitary Echoes - The Ballad of Mr.Brody (2022 Spring) | Wes Anderson Inspired Chamber Film



The visual tour of the AC Hotel in downtown Madison was part of my research for a hospitqlity project. After a brief tour, I compiled the footage into a montage to highlight the hotel's design features. This montage technique is carefully orchestrated to forge a narrative linkage between discrete objects and areas within the hotel, effectively varying the visual rhythm and pace to craft an engaging and cohesive portrayal of the hotel's ambiance. This editing approach connects unrelated objects and varies the tempo, creating a unique visual experience of the space. The video not only showcases the hotel's architecture but also demonstrates the transformative power of editing in presenting architectural spaces in a novel and engaging way.


Instructed by Liam Denhamer, collaborated with Yinghao Zhang, Ziming Yan, and Haorui Zhang, made with Canon 6D Mark II and Premiere Pro.




Xinyi Li + Boya Liang


Xinyi Li

AC Hotel Tour (2020 Spring) | Hospitality Documentary Research


"Smoke" is a short film about Carly, a lesbian girl who is struggling to announce her love to her neighbor, Alice. The film starts with Carly's imaginary conversation with Alice when Alice is actually talking to her date, Yuan He. 


Collaborated with Boya Liang, Colin Ying, Carly Foy, Xinyu Yu, Binglun Hu, and Yuan He made with Sony A7 III and Premiere Pro.



Director Boya Liang

Director of Photography: Colin Ying

Director of Art: Xinyi Li

Cast: Carly Foy, Xinyu Yu, Yuan He

Editor: Boya Liang, Binglun Hu

Production Design: Xinyi Li


2018 3rd New Era Film Festival

Smoke (2018 Fall) | Short Film


"NSoM" delves into the intricate dynamics between three estranged brothers who find themselves reunited after five years due to the passing of their father. The scene serves as a poignant exploration of the palpable tension and awkwardness that has developed among them over the years of separation. As they come together under the somber circumstances of their father's death, emotions run high, revealing unspoken conflicts and unresolved issues that have lingered beneath the surface. The director skillfully captures the nuances of their interactions, highlighting the complexity of familial relationships and the challenges that arise when forced to confront the past. Through subtle cues, expressions, and dialogues, the scene paints a vivid portrait of the brothers' strained connection, setting the stage for a compelling narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of grief and reconciliation.


Instructed by Eric Hoyt, edited with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Media Encoder.




Xinyi Li

NSoM (2019 Summer) |  Advanced Editing

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